The shape, thickness, and even manufacturing process of the back beam and posts were changed, and the one-piece inner/outer rim is also made using a newly developed process. The result is a deep rich sound with outstanding tonal projection that can fill the concert hall.

The CF6 sounds almost like a full length concert grand with its rich open sound, and its action is quick and responsive. This piano is characterized by a wide spectrum of tonal colors and being able to create the most expressive phrases.

  • Model: CF6 PE
  • Finish: PE
  • Size: 7'
  • MSRP: $129,799.00


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Control Interface
Keyboard Number of Keys 88
Key Surfaces - White Ivorite
Key Surfaces - Black Wood Composite
Pedal Type Sostenuto
Finishes Polished Ebony
Lid Prop Positions 3
Prop Safety Stop Yes
Edge Beveled
Key Cover Lid/Fallboard Locks Yes
Soft-Close Fallboard Yes
Length 212cm (6' 11 1/2")
Width 5' 3"
Height 3' 4"