Built with patience, care and renowned Yamaha craftsmanship

  • Model: YUS1
  • Finish: Designed for the experienced pianist and professional musician.
  • Size: 48"
  • MSRP: $20,499.00


The YUS Series takes upright piano quality and performance to a new level. The production know-how of the SU7 has created a piano with superior voicing; a superbly crafted instrument with inspiringly rich sound and delicate balance. The simplicity of the cabinet gives superb acoustics to the subtlest note, and specially designed hammers provide rich tone. And the simple, meticulous design rounds out a piano that enhances the performance of professional and home pianists alike.


  • Superior scale design
  • Double castors offer excellent support and stability
  • The hammers use the same felt as high-end SU7
  • The strings are of the same quality as the SU7



  • Width: 152cm
  • Height: 121cm
  • Depth: 61cm
  • Weight: 229kg

Control Interface

  • Keyboard Number of Keys: 88
  • Pedal Type: The soft pedal, damper pedal

Design/Architecture Detail

  • Caster Type: Double casters

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